Get Insights from 100 Chat Logs

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Get Insights from 100 Chat Logs
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Your chat logs are hiding treasures yet unknown to you as the optimizer. This gigs helps you by giving a report of the key findings in analyzing 100 of your chat logs. You can send 100 logs from your chat system for website, sales or support. We will give you a report full of golden nuggets to work with.

You have great data hidden in your chat logs. Send us 100 or less of your chat logs and we will explore the opportunities to improve the website, app or service from those. You will be getting a full summary with qualifiable references to the specific chats to start with an optimization project.

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What you can expect:
  • The full summary with qualifiable references to specific chats.
  • The actionable summary can be incorporated fast in your growth driven development program and can serve as a great base for user studies, surveys or A/B testing hypothesis.
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What we need from you:
  • Sending us 100 chatlogs or giving us access to your chat application(s).
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  • Can you log into chat tools like LiveChat or Intercom to give us the report?
  • Yes, you can either send us the exports from your chat tool or you give us access to your tools and make views based on the chats we need to analyze and we will do it within the tool used.
  • Will you deduplicate similar topics and discount these?
  • No, multiple chats about the same topic allows for a stronger signal in the direction of the opportunities. These are not duplicates, but great finds and strengthen the case. We will link the summary to the different chats for easy references.