Five Usability Video’s with Summary & Action Plan

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Five Usability Video’s with Summary & Action Plan
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Interested in bringing your agency or team to the next level in conversion optimization? This gig gives you the whole project management and at least 60 minutes worth of usability studies done on one page can be time consuming and expensive. In this gig you’ll get a certified usability expert to get your script to flow well, identify the target subjects source five videos and summarize each (with timestamps) and a summary. A great way to identify usability, clarity issues and sources of friction.

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What you can expect:
  • Intake call with your team.
  • Script development and flow optimization for the research.
  • 5 video’s from users of your app, service or website.
  • Minimum an hour of feedback.
  • A summary of the videos with key recommendations.
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What we need from you:
  • A “Company Persona & Heuristic Analysis” (example in this gig <link>) that explains your service and persona’s or a clear profile of the user and pages you wish to test on.
  • Preference of video’s for website part, page for the script and video’s.
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  • Do I need to get special software?
  • No, we will do recruiting of similar persona’s using existing online services. We try and match your persona as closely as possible.
  • Can I send users from my own site?
  • Yes, we can recruit users from your website at an additional cost when you send us their emails after they approve to participate.
  • Can you pick users from my website?
  • Yes, please add this gig “Get Your Customer Survey Done” to the cart and we will extend this project with video feedback after we do the recruiting based on the surveys taken on your website.