Building Prioritization Model

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Building Prioritization Model
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Getting a prioritization model working for your team or customer can be complicated without this gig. But with an interview based on your internal process, we will provide you with a custom prioritization model based on the best experiences from the industry. We will even write a one-pager on it so you can share it with clients and in a blog.

Building an optimization prioritization model based on Excel or Google Sheets can be outsourced. Give us your top 10 testing ideas and with you and your team, we will sort these based on criteria common in the industry. This gig gives you not only a prioritization model fitting you current workflow but also the first 10 testing hypothesis sorted in accordance with this new model. As a gift for the launch of this new gig, we will even give you a one page Google Doc where we explain the final version to your team and, customers in a format easy to share on your own blog.

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What you can expect:
  • Let us interview your team and get an overview of the process you use to optimize and prioritize. Be honest and don’t worry that it’s work in progress, we will make it look good in the end.
  • Get a Google Sheet with all columns, formulas and the first ten hypothesis ranked by impact value.
  • A one-pager Google Doc explaining the methodology used that can be easily used to improve, send to client or use as base of a blog-post.
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What we need from you:
  • Time for the interview that gives the base model for this gig.
  • 10 hypothesis for one specific customer with one paragraph of text on each.
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  • Will you write a blog-post as well?
  • No, we will write the one-pager Google Doc that with little effort on your end can be rewritten to a blogpost. The one-pager will include references and philosophies behind the choices for the model.
  • Will you make 10 hypothesis for us?
  • No, this gig includes only building the model for prioritization for your specific existing workflow.